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Welcome to the homepage of the Last-Drinks Queensland research project. This also covers the What's-Onboard Research project looking at drug use in the entertainment districts. If you are looking at this website then chances are that you have been involved in our research study looking at people's drinking, drug and general behaviour:

  • Before going out at night into entertainment districts;

  • While in the entertainment districts;

  • After leaving the entertainment districts.

During this research we gave people a business card listing this website to peruse the information sheet and have the opportunity to remove their data from the research. Here you will find the information sheet that explains the study, updates to our research programme and details concerning the study and how to contact us. These can be obtained via the links on the left of this page, at the top of this page or below:


Participant (Study) Information Sheet

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If you have been one our participants: Thank you for taking part!

If you wish to know more about our research please see our FAQ or email us.



Research Updates!

20/05/21 - Ethics variations approved

30/03/21 - Introduction of trauma measures - application

20/05/19 - Participant Information Sheet amended

15/05/19 - Sexual practice and racial preference questions approved

09/10/18 - More exhaustive drug testing approved

23/06/16 - Mackay data collection.

16/06/16 - Gold Coast data collection.

15/06/16 - Ion Scanning ethically cleared and introduced.

31/10/15 - Data collection begins.

07/10/15 - Ethical amendments completed and submitted.

30/09/15 - Ethics approval obtained pending minor amendments.

03/09/15 - Ethics submitted.

31/08/15 - Website goes into test mode.

28/08/15 - Study parameters are 'locked-in'.

05/05/15 - Research is funded by the National Drug Strategy Law Enforcement Funding Committee.

05/03/15 - Application for funding is submitted.

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