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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this really anonymous?

Yes. The researchers do not collect any identifying information.


Where will you be this weekend?

We cannot answer this question with any certainty because we need to follow where the crowds are arriving. If they're going to the Valley we'll be in the Valley, and if they're going to the CBD we'll move to the CBD. Some weeks we will not even be in Brisbane, possibly at the coast instead. We want a good representation of young people going out in the South East corner of Queensland. We sometimes go to regional areas upon the request of Qld Police to gauge the demographic there.


Can I see my results?

Sorry, but no. This is to ensure your confidentiality. Even though we have given you a card with a research ID number on it, we cannot be sure that this hasn't been found by someone else and it is they who are contacting us pretending to be you (remember that we have no identifying information on you and cannot check with you your name etc).


Why do I need to say what day and approximate time I was assessed in order to have my data withdrawn from this research?

We will be giving out business cards to those who took part in the research and on these we will have written your ID number for the research. As some people may discard these cards in town we want to make sure that someone else cannot simply phone us up and have your data destroyed. If they don't know approximately what time and date the assessment took place then chances are that they are not the real participant.


What if I wish to add some more information to the research?

Then we are grateful and would love to hear from you. All our details are provided on our contacts page but we suggest you email us.



Research Updates!

20/05/21 - Ethics variations approved

30/03/21 - Introduction of trauma measures - application

20/05/19 - Participant Information Sheet amended

15/05/19 - Sexual practice and racial preference questions approved

09/10/18 - More exhaustive drug testing approved

23/06/16 - Mackay data collection.

16/06/16 - Gold Coast data collection.

15/06/16 - Ion Scanning ethically cleared and introduced.

31/10/15 - Data collection begins.

07/10/15 - Ethical amendments completed and submitted.

30/09/15 - Ethics approval obtained pending minor amendments.

03/09/15 - Ethics submitted.

31/08/15 - Website goes into test mode.

28/08/15 - Study parameters are 'locked-in'.

05/05/15 - Research is funded by the National Drug Strategy Law Enforcement Funding Committee.

05/03/15 - Application for funding is submitted.

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