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We are a joint research team from Griffith University and the Queensland Police Service. The principle researchers have over 25 years of research experience and 25 years of policing service under their belt and our research assistants all have at least one higher education degree to their name.

Our ultimate goal in undertaking this research is to increase safety for people entering and exiting entertainment precincts by better catering for their needs. For example, if people are predominantly preloading (i.e., drinking before going out) we may advise that more street food outlets and free water be available. We may also revise how these precincts are policed - making more police available to the public earlier in the evening.

When we have our results we will compile a report with anonymous data (i.e., we will not be collecting names or details of participants) and submit that to our funding body. We will also write a manuscript for publication in the scientific literature. This data may also form the basis of a student's higher degree thesis. In all cases we will only have anonymous data. If you would like a summary of the results please sign-up by emailing us.




Research Updates!

20/05/21 - Ethics variations approved

30/03/21 - Introduction of trauma measures - application

20/05/19 - Participant Information Sheet amended

15/05/19 - Sexual practice and racial preference questions approved

09/10/18 - More exhaustive drug testing approved

23/06/16 - Mackay data collection.

16/06/16 - Gold Coast data collection.

15/06/16 - Ion Scanning ethically cleared and introduced.

31/10/15 - Data collection begins.

07/10/15 - Ethical amendments completed and submitted.

30/09/15 - Ethics approval obtained pending minor amendments.

03/09/15 - Ethics submitted.

31/08/15 - Website goes into test mode.

28/08/15 - Study parameters are 'locked-in'.

05/05/15 - Research is funded by the National Drug Strategy Law Enforcement Funding Committee.

05/03/15 - Application for funding is submitted.

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